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Hospital Services


Hospital Services – Assess, Develop, Validate for Hospitals

CAE Healthcare Hospital Services offers healthcare organizations a way to safely assess, develop, and validate the competency of clinical personnel and interdisciplinary teams.  The Hospital Services support team partners with healthcare systems to develop custom simulation solutions to improve patient safety, quality and outcomes


Cost-Effective Solutions for Healthcare Systems

Hospital Services is a cost-effective, custom service that is available to any size institution and uses simulated experiences rather than live patients for training.  A Hospital Services subscription solution includes simulators, software, maintenance and repairs, peer-reviewed experiential learning modules and ongoing clinical support from CAE Healthcare educators.


Custom Training for Improved Performance

Hospital Services solutions are targeted to meet institutional goals, including improving performance and compliance to hospital procedures, especially those designed to prevent hospital-acquired conditions and never events. Hospital Services  offers the means to efficiently assess teams, train staff on new procedures or tools, such as electronic medical record systems, and to perform trial runs of new techniques or patient care areas.


A Proven System for Nurse Training and Retention

Hospital Services offers a structured nurse residency program that has been shown to reduce the time and cost and increase the effectiveness of new graduate onboarding. The learning modules include Adult Acute Care, Adult Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, Perioperative Nursing, Pediatric Nursing (Acute Care and Critical Care), Mother-Baby Care and Neonatal Intensive Care.


Financing & Leasing

CAE Healthcare has partnered with Ascentium Capital to deliver custom financing and equipment leasing options for your program or institution.

Ascentium’s consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience tailoring solutions that meet the requirements of private, public or municipally owned hospitals, nursing, health sciences and medical schools and private EMT training companies.

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