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Ultrasound Training for 20 medical specialties

Ultrasound training phantoms are the highest quality trainers for ultrasound assessment and ultrasound-guided procedures, including central line insertion, breast biopsy and the transvaginal ultrasound exam. Built with patented SimulexUS™ tissue, these hands-on training models are highly durable, acoustically mimic human tissue, and can be used with real ultrasound systems for risk-free training. For more information and to view our complete product line please visit


Gen II Ultrasound Central Line Training Model

CAE Healthcare’s Blue Phantom Central Line Training Models allows users to practice ultrasound-guided and blind insertion procedure training with real ultrasound systems. These extremely durable ultrasound task trainers offer realistic image quality and include the internal and external anatomy required to teach and learn skills associated with ultrasound guided central line placement.  This mannequin’s external landmarks were molded from a live human patient, and its internal anatomy was replicated using digital human files.  The self-sealing SimulexUS tissue withstands thousands of cannulations without need for replacement—offering low cost of ownership.  This new Gen II upper torso model offers clinicians the most realistic and reliable training environment for the practice of ultrasound-guided central line placement.

Also available with brachial plexus option for regional anesthesia training.

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Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound Manikin

The newly released Internal Jugular Central Line ultrasound training phantom is the most durable and affordable central line simulator available.  With authentic imaging characteristics, this model allows learners to practice internal jugular vein (IJ) central line placement, including threading of catheters, guidewires, and dilation.  The included hand bulb then simulates arterial pulsation for an ever richer learning experience. Constructed with CAE Healthcare’s Blue Phantom SimulexUS tissue that is self-healing, this model can withstand thousands of practice sessions without need for replacement.

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Femoral Vascular Access Lower Torso Ultrasound Model with DVT Option

The Femoral Vascular Access Lower Torso model allows users to train with real ultrasound systems as they practice ultrasound-guided needle and catheter insertions in the femoral vein and artery. The ultra-durable and realistic tissue self-seals through repeated uses, resulting in a low cost of ownership.  With first-rate image quality, this model is an excellent tool for clinicians practicing the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound-guided vascular access procedures, including transducer positioning, recognition of vessel anatomy and targeting the correct vessels for cannulation.  As an added option, the deep vein thrombosis (DVT) add-on teaches users to identify a thrombus in the deep vein. 

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General Pathology Transvaginal Ultrasound Training Model

CAE Healthcare’s Blue Phantom Transvaginal Ultrasound model allows users to perform simulated endovaginal ultrasound exams and procedures with real ultrasound systems. The trainer accurately mimics the feel and imaging characteristics of an endovaginal ultrasound exam. With multiple pathological conditions included, this is an excellent platform for the practice of psychomotor skills and ultrasound image acquisition, as well as for validating clinical competency. The mannequin’s anatomy includes the endovaginal and cervical canals, bladder, uterus with prominent endometrium, uterine fibroids, ovaries, ovarian masses, and more. This endovaginal ultrasound trainer allows learners to gain proficiency without the risk of practicing on live patients.

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FAST Exam Real Time Ultrasound Training Model

The realistic Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) ultrasound training platform can be fully assessed with real ultrasound systems. This dynamic ultrasound model is also an excellent training platform for Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) and pericardiocentesis procedures. The extremely life-like mannequin images as a real human would, with image quality so real you’d think you are scanning a real patient.  Both learners and practicing clinicians have used the FAST ultrasound model to practice and hone their skills by performing real-time FAST exams and pericardiocentesis procedures on our FAST exam training model. The FAST exam model features the same durability you have come to expect from Blue Phantom products.

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Midscapular Thoracentesis Ultrasound Training Model

CAE Healthcare's Blue Phantom Midscapular Thoracentesis Ultrasound Training Model offers realism in the practice of ultrasound-guided thoracentesis procedures. This durable ultrasound training model aids users in developing the skills associated with a mid-scapulary approach to ultrasound-guided thoracentesis procedures. This model is designed to be used with real ultrasound systems to train clinicians to identify and guide needle and catheter insertions in order to diagnose and perform therapy upon patients with pleural effusions.

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Financing & Leasing

CAE Healthcare has partnered with Ascentium Capital to deliver custom financing and equipment leasing options for your program or institution.

Ascentium’s consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience tailoring solutions that meet the requirements of private, public or municipally owned hospitals, nursing, health sciences and medical schools and private EMT training companies.

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