Innovation in Emergency Medical Response

Emergency medical responders are using patient simulation today to practice lifesaving skills that require precision and speed, such as airway management. They’re creating interdisciplinary disaster scenarios to improve communications among different response teams. They are leading students through golden hour scenarios, covering all aspects of patient care from the point-of-injury to transport to the operating room. CAE Healthcare offers the most authentic training tools for the rigors of emergency medical response.  The CAE Healthcare line of patient simulators and validated scenarios challenge the trainee’s clinical and critical thinking skills, providing the best possible preparation for emergency care without any risk to real patients.

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WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning, North Carolina, USA

Over the past few decades, EMS providers have rapidly adopted hospital technologies-- from pulse oximetry to 12-lead ECG monitoring to capnography — that have allowed emergency responders to capture more accurate patient information and deliver better care. Amar Patel, director of the WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning, which is part of WakeMed Health and Hospitals in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, believes that the next wave of technology for EMS will be ultrasound. “Ultrasound can help us manage and treat patients’ medical trauma more effectively,” says Patel. “It’s a tool that we need to embrace.”


University of South Florida Athletic Training Education Program, Florida, USA

As college football season was gearing up in 2011, CAE Healtcare's iStan patient simulator joined the University of South Florida Bulls for a one-time, interdisciplinary simulation.  Dressed in a full football uniform, iStan suffered a rare but life-threatening spinal injury on the field.  The entire sports medicine team responded. 


Simulation in Motion: South Dakota, USA

What’s bigger than a bloodmobile, travels on wheels and houses an entire patient simulator family?  A Simulation in Motion - South Dakota traveling simulation lab. SIM South Dakota, a partnership between the South Dakota Department of Health and five hospitals, began delivering high-fidelity simulation instruction to rural emergency services providers in 2011.


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, USA

In September of 2011, the community of Lebanon, New Hampshire simulated a high school chemistry lab explosion that involved four hospitals, the City of Lebanon police and fire departments, Golden Cross Ambulance Service and the entire student and faculty of Lebanon High School.


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