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Military branches worldwide employ healthcare simulation for core medical skills training, continuing education, recertification and sustainment for all military skill levels. Since 1996, CAE Healthcare has supported the military branches such as the Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTCs), Medical Education and Training Center (METC), Air Force, Navy, Marines, Homeland Defense and Veterans Affairs with more than 800 patient simulators worldwide.

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Combat Casualty Care Course, Texas, USA

In July, the Armada de Chile conducted its 10th annual Combat Casualty Care Course, also known as C4. The event consisted of 158 students representing nine countries, including Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. A select group of civilians, including firefighters, governmental EMS and Red Cross responders, joined the exercise in order to increase readiness and share the lessons learned in the field. 


Global Medic 2012 Joint Training, California, USA

iStan and METIman Prehospital were key players in a "Global Medic 2012” joint military exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, California in June. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps units from across the United States participated in a two week exercise that simulated real-world missions.


NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

The NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine in Budapest, Hungary, introduced high-fidelity patient simulation into its training courses in 2011. In October, under the direction of MILMED COE Training Branch Chief Dr. Colonel Laszlo Fazekas, the center hosted a “train the trainer” course for military personnel who manage advanced first aid for battle casualties.


The Center for Domestic Preparedness, Alabama, USA

Over the course of a month, the 100-bed hospital in Anniston, Alabama, might overflow with victims of smallpox, mustard gas, dirty bomb explosions, chemical poisoning, mass shootings or natural disasters—all simulated and dropped into a routine hospital setting.


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