Industry Partnerships


Industry Partnerships

CAE Healthcare has integrated leading-edge medical simulation technologies and training products under one umbrella. We offer the finest talent and the widest breadth of technologies in the healthcare simulation industry. 

We partner with medical equipment and device manufacturers to develop innovative and cost-effective simulation solutions for internal and external training, new equipment validation, medical device trials, educational content, debriefing and more.


Your trusted training and development partner

In partnering with industry, we have:

  • Developed custom education and simulation programs for new devices and new procedure training
  • Equipped dozens of client clinical education centers with simulation technology that has helped to train thousands of healthcare professionals
  • Created marketing demonstrations and platforms for demonstration of new tools and techniques

Talent and Training Expertise

Our industry partners have access to a cadre of biomedical, mechanical and software engineers, clinicians, emergency responders and 90 adjunct faculty worldwide.  We have the largest educational arm of any healthcare simulation company with a combined 25+ years of experience in creating, testing and validating educational content.


Patient, Surgical and Ultrasound Simulation

We offer the widest breadth of simulation training solutions, including:

  • Patient simulators with dynamic, modeled physiology, and real oxygen and CO2 gas exchange
  • Laparoscopic, endovascular, bronchoscopic and endoscopic simulators
  • Ultrasound simulator and task trainers, including Blue Phantom ultrasound models
  • Clinical simulation management systems and learning programs
  • Hybrid solutions with all of the above

Global Technical Support and Network

Our dedicated 24/7 technical support is regionally based for faster response and turnaround times, and our customer service pledge is unique in the industry. 

Our medical simulation network spans the globe. We have offices in Sarasota, Florida; Montreal, Canada; Veszprem, Hungary; the United Kingdom and Australia, and a client base with simulation centers in more than 60 countries.

For more information, and to discuss your needs, please email the industry partner team to schedule a convenient time to talk.


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