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Grow and develop your simulation learning environment, your faculty and your learners. CAE Healthcare's audiovisual center management solutions cover all of your simulation and debriefing needs with multiple configuration options.

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CAE Healthcare’s audiovisual solutions team is dedicated to improving the performance of clinicians, healthcare faculty, and medical simulation centers by freeing staff to focus on preparing clinicians for the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. LearningSpace is CAE Healthcare's proven audiovisual and center management platform, designed to capture clinical and learning events for review, debrief and assessment. Engineered to offer an enriched end-user experience, LearningSpace easily integrates with mobile devices to provide greater flexibility for training center managers. Replay is a simpler software solution designed for seamless video recording, debriefing, and coaching. Both come in a choice of enterprise, one-room or ultraportable configurations to fit your center's unique needs. 


LearningSpace has enabled Eastern Virginia Medical School to verify and validate most of the soft skills that we teach to our students. It has proven helpful to provide captured video to instructors and to students as part of the feedback mechanism and learning process. Because of this increased level of instruction, our students are consistently ranked highly against their peers when in residency or preceptorships; this is due in part to our widespread and consistent use of LearningSpace.

Robert K. Armstrong, Jr.
Director, Eastern Virginia Medical School

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We deliver proven solutions with the added value of expert guidance and support. Whether your goal is to increase pass rates, prove ROI for your simulation center or ensure maximum efficiency with limited staff, we are the best team to offer a customized solution.

Robust and Adaptable Center Management Systems


Superior HD or optical video with pan tilt zoom capability


With digital audio encoders and dedicated, in-room microphone


No need for separate licence fees for each device


Secure data entry and user authentication ensures privacy


Resource Manager tracks inventory, standardized patient hours, equipment usage and more


Capture patient data and monitoring for integrated review on any high fidelity simulator


Live recording, annotation, and assessment in any room, on any device, from anywhere


Student, faculty and SP scheduling available with fully customizable reports

LearningSpace for Center Management

LearningSpace is the complete audiovisual learning solution that combines power with simplicity in a truly user-friendly fashion to give your simulation programs the most comprehensive management system available. From one-room, bedside or in situ training to multisite simulation center management systems, we offer the right size solution for your training environment.

LearningSpace is a system that can grow with the organization, enriching both the student journey and faculty management of educational activities.

Ann Sunderland
Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation, UK

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Replay for Simple record and debrief

Replay is a software-driven solution to maximize flexibility. Our complete package provides you all the HD audiovisual and back-end hardware, cloud backups for all your recordings, as well as installation, training and support services too. Capture the action in stunning HD along with real-time annotations and patient data. Always on recording and advanced search – so you’ll never miss a moment for debrief.

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CAE Healthcare offers a full complement of training and support services, including product education, customer service, user guides and CAE Healthcare Academy guidance and expertise.

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