An Introduction to & Programming with Vïvo

Course Information


This webinar is aimed new customers or those customers who would like a refresher on using and programming in the Vïvo software. This webinar is for customers who own an Athena, Lucina, Apollo or METIman simulator that has been upgraded to include Vïvo.

By the end of this webinar all participants will be able to:

  • Use the tiles in Vïvo to change signs and symptoms 
  • Create tracks and pathways  
  • Complete the formative assessment checklists in Vïvo 
  • Create a new medication in Vïvo
  • Program a three-state Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) using Vïvo  


DATE: October 3, 2017

Duration / Time: 13:30 GMT+1

Location: Online Webinar

Language: English

Credits: N/A

Price: Free*

Total Seats: 50

Seats Remaining: 50

*This is course is covered by Training For LifeTM and is FREE under warranty