CAE Blue Phantom Ultrasound Simulators - Durable and Validated

| Roxanne Blanford

Vascular access training phantoms that mimic soft human tissue and vascular structures allow ultrasound learners to train in needle-guided procedures without exposing actual patients to the pain and discomfort that is often associated with repeated attempts at proper needle insertion.

To gain appropriate benefit from such training, the equipment used needs to be both durable and reliable. It must also have the capacity to withstand repeated punctures without suffering a reduction in either product usefulness or performance.

When ultrasound-guided intervention procedures are performed using a CAE Blue Phantom simulator or task trainer, the simulated skin tissue will "self-heal."  That is, it will automatically seal itself around the puncture area, thereby eliminating the risk of leakage and reducing the appearance of damage.


A study conducted in partnership with the U.S. government, and published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, showed that users can expect any Blue Phantom task trainer model to endure 1,000 needle attempts or more -- without significant degradation in the integrity of the simulated training model, the simulated vessel, or the ultrasound image produced.

All Blue Phantom models are made of patented SimulexUS tissue. SimulexUS is specifically designed to match the acoustic properties of human tissue. This means when a Blue Phantom task trainer is used with virtually any ultrasound system, it will deliver a realistic, quality ultrasound image.

Realistic and Durable Blue Phantom Ultrasound Training Models

Blue Phantom is a major producer of the most realistic and durable anatomical task trainers available. Coupled with a commitment to customer service and quality, Blue Phantom is widely recognized as the world leader in ultrasound training models. 

Learn more about CAE Blue Phantom. From vascular access ultrasound training simulators and regional anesthesia block models, to FAST ultrasound trainers and more, there's a Blue Phantom for every specialty. 

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