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Previously dedicated to online learning only, the nursing program at Southeastern University (Lakeland, Florida) has officially erected a state-of-the art, brick and mortar educational facility (the College of Natural & Health Sciences Building). Nursing students will now have exposure to experiential, hands-on skills development through simulation-based education.


The 28,000-square-foot, $6 million building at Southeastern University welcomed its first students and greeted them with a 144-seat auditorium, a nursing simulation training center, pristine classrooms, and labs for computer, microbiology organic and biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and other sciences.

CAE Healthcare is honored to play an active role in this new chapter of the university's evolution by providing high fidelity simulation training solutions for facilitating highly realistic learning experiences.

METIman Lucina PediaSim Group Simulators

A "Dream Come True" for Dynamic Training Scenarios

Lucy Stella, a Southeastern University simulation lab manager who has remarked that the simulation training center is "my dream come true," will help to oversee and instruct nursing students in a range of patient care scenarios.At its disposal, the University will have

  • CAE METIman nursing simulators (4)
  • CAE Lucina maternal/female patient simulator
  • CAE Healthcare PediaSim patient mannequin


Through simulation training, students of the College of Natural & Health Sciences nursing program will be presented with highly realistic medical learning opportunities. Patient care teams will confront medical cases that they might not have a chance to encounter during routine training, but will nonetheless need to be prepared for in actuality. These simulated cases may range from severe burns and traumatic heart attacks, to uncontrolled bleeding.

To increase the fidelity of training, students are obliged to sign contracts stipulating they will suspend disbelief and behave as realistically as possible throughout the simulations.

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