Essentials of Simulation


As the worldwide leader in healthcare simulation technology and education, CAE Healthcare is excited to present the Essentials of Simulation© course. This interactive two-day course offers all participants the opportunity to design, facilitate and debrief a Simulated Clinical Experience™ (SCE) that can be used on any simulator platform and technology with all manufacturers, including simulated and standardized patients. Participants will be given the chance to discuss best practice in educational philosophy where simulation is the chosen methodology. The course provides an experiential, “hands-on learning” environment and participants will have the opportunity to network with each other.

This course is led by an experienced simulation facilitator and is intended to bring participants who are new to the use of simulators as an educational medium rapidly into a position to work effectively with simulation. The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) standards of best practice for simulation have been utilized throughout this course. The INACSL standards provide guidance and reflect shared values surrounding the use of simulation to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of healthcare practitioners.

The content of the course includes:

  • Historical Overview: A history of simulation in healthcare
  • Educational Theory: An overview of experiential learning theory and how it complements teaching and learning using the modality of human patient simulation
  • SCE Development: The design of a learning experience using simulation centered around specific learning goals and outcomes, including how to maximize the use of your simulator
  • Facilitation and Debriefing: Techniques for facilitating simulated learning experiences with a highlight on developing effective debriefing skills

> All courses are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment has not been reached 30 days prior to the course date.


DATE: September 17-18, 2018

Duration / Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm GMT+1

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Language: English

Credits: 12 CEUs

Price: $514.80 USD

Total Seats: 12

Seats Remaining: 12


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