“Perfecting Nursing Education”

New eBook from CAE Healthcare

About the eBook

… The Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) has long been the benchmark credential for getting a nursing job…*

In the summer of 2019, CAE Healthcare was named  “a preferred training partner of choice” for the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN), entering a collaboration to provide innovative simulation-based education, training, products and services to the OADN membership. 

As adoption of simulation-based training technology rapidly expands throughout the healthcare industry, and as education programs embrace the potential of simulation to enrich the nursing profession and make healthcare safer, CAE Healthcare has released a timely new eBook entitled “OADN & CAE Healthcare: Perfecting Nursing Education Together.”


The eBook presents cogent insights into the full scope of benefits that simulation offers community college nursing programs, including how simulation-based training in core clinical skills and competencies can empower nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize patient care.

Table of Contents

       1.   The Growing Demand for Highly Skilled Nurses

       2.   Community Colleges and Associate Degree Nursing

            a. Diverse Student Body

            b. Flexible Learning Opportunities

            c. Cost-Effective, Less Time-Consuming

       3.   Putting Your Associate’s Degree in Nursing to Work

       4.   Enhancing the Skills of Nursing Students Through Simulation

       5.   Simulation Training in Nursing Interventions

       6.   A Few Parting Words

       7.   About OADN and CAE Healthcare

       8.   References

       9.   Contact Us

CAE Healthcare's eBook is available for free.

*The Future of the Associate Degree in Nursing Program (https://www.nursinglicensure.org/articles/adn-program-future.html)