CAE Athena

Aesthetically Authentic. Exceptionally Functional.

The world's most advanced, high-fidelity female patient simulator

The Athena patient simulator boasts a wide range of powerful new features to deliver the height of realism and flexibility in female patient simulation-based healthcare training. The world's most advanced female patient simulator, Athena elevates experiential learning by enhancing both technical and non-technical clinical skills, delivering the fully immersive experience that we expect from patient simulation. With highly advanced lungs, Athena can respond automatically to mechanical ventilation, trigger a ventilator and demonstrate increased peak inspiratory pressure.

With a wide range of high-fidelity functionality and authentically-designed body with female aesthetics, Athena elevates experiential training in women's healthcare to a new level of realism. Athena is a hybrid solution for both early and advanced users. With 5 pre-configured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs), Athena allows the instructor to create customized educational content. 

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As the only technologically advanced, high-fidelity female simulator that is both anatomically and proportionately correct with authentic vocalizations, Athena elevates experiential learning to an entirely new level of realism


From advanced airway management and ventilation training to AHA-compliant integrated CPR analysis, Athena is the ideal female simulator for intensive respiratory and difficult airway management training


Athena can respond automatically to mechanical ventilation and trigger a ventilator


Athena is a wireless and tetherless manikin that allows for realistic in situ or mobile simulation training. Compatible with both Müse and Vïvo operating systems, Athena delivers the benefits of both modeled, responsive physiology and the option of full instructor control

CAE Vïvo by CAE Healthcare




Bag-valve-mask ventilation
Bilateral and unilateral chest excursions, synchronized with ventilation
Articulated mandible for jaw thrust maneuver
Pulmonary artery catheter and ability wedge catheter
CPR analysis
Blinking and reactive pupils with multiple settings
Convulsions and seizures associated with rapid blinking and arm movement
Urinary catheterization and realistic urine output

One Simulator. Two Software Operating Systems.

Alternate between Müse for state-of-the-art, model-driven physiology and Vïvo for full facilitator control over all patient vital signs and responses. With two operating modes, facilitators have the flexibility to choose the optimal platform for their individualized learning environment and objectives.

Fonctuionne avec l'interface Müse et sa modélisation physiologique


Fonctuionne avec l'interface Müse et sa modélisation physiologique

Grâce à sa physiologie intégrée basée sur des modèles validés des systèmes cardiovasculaires, respiratoires et pharmacologiques, Müse reproduit les troubles médicaux avec précision et répond automatiquement aux interventions cliniques. Ainsi, vos apprenants bénéficient d'une expérience d'apprentissage uniforme et objective à tout coup, jusqu'à ce qu'ils maîtrisent les compétences nécessaires pour sauver des vies humaines. Tous les simulateurs de patients sont accompagnés de la plateforme logicielle Müse.

Full Control with Vïvo


Full Control with Vïvo

Vïvo allows full control over the simulator’s vital signs and physiological responses. Vïvo is user-friendly and easy to learn. To support debrief, we’ve included integrated checklists that capture both technical and non-technical skills, allowing the facilitator to provide feedback for formative assessment. A fully mobile solution, Vïvo is ideal for in situ or on-the-fly simulation.

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