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Why a clinical skills manikin?

Simulation-based training to improve competence and confidence

Consistent Learning

Ensure consistency of training among learners and within your program

Effective Preparation

Practice skills and procedures without reliance on limited clinical opportunities

Access and Availability

Accelerate mastery of fundamental nursing skills for assessment

Improved Competency

Allow learners time to practice critical thinking and prioritizing skills

Ease of Use

Simulation made simple, from set up through execution, with all electronics self-contained

Two Platforms in One

Easily converts from a female to a male manikin, which saves costs and space

A Contemporary Aesthetic

The look, feel and operation of a modern manikin for a more immersive learning experience

True Mobility

Fully wireless and tetherless, with uninterrupted simulation while you transport

Better Learning Content

Facilitate better learning experiences with CAE Healthcare’s unrivaled support and clinical expertise

More than a manikin. It’s CAE.

Every manikin represents a significant investment. We understand that, which is why we’re committed to keeping your CAE products functioning at peak-performance.
Innovative in every detail
Flexible configurations
to meet your specific needs
Decades of expertise and
peer-to-peer support
Steadfast support
and service

Configurations + Pricing

A modular manikin designed to fit your needs
Introductory pricing is currently available, contact us today to receive a discount on the prices listed below
  • Manikin
  • IV Arm
  • ePack
    (NIBP Arm + Electronics)
  • Tablet
  • Accessories Available
  • Discounts Available
  • Pricing
    (Excluding Add-ons)
  • Base
  • Add-on +$6,995
  • Add-on +$755
  • $3,995
  • Live
  • Add-on +$755
  • $10,495
  • Complete
  • $10,995
*All prices are in USD ($)

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