CAE Juno QuickStart


Introducing CAE Juno QuickStart

Why spend time piecing together everything you need to begin comprehensive clinical skills development when a complete solution is available right now? For a limited time, we’re offering CAE Juno in a value-added package specially designed to satisfy your clinical skills training requirements.

CAE Juno QuickStart is the answer to your program’s needs.


The Bundle – What’s included

  • CAE Juno Complete manikin (medium skin tone, IV arm, NIBP arm, hand-held tablet, full gender conversion kit, and all electronics required for manikin operation)
  • 10 evidence-based Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) housed within the intuitive CAE Maestro software
  • Basic wound care module (thigh wound, thigh sutured incision, ventrogluteal decubitus ulcer, dorsogluteal ulcer)
  • TouchPro patient monitor


  • Two additional years of the CAE Healthcare Premier Assurance Plan
    That’s a total of three full years of coverage to include free software updates and service and/or replacement of parts under warranty. Contact a CAE Healthcare representative for complete details.
  • Free shipping







Give your learners the resources they deserve to master essential patient care skills. Get CAE Juno QuickStart now.

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About Juno

With full gender conversion and three configurations that can grow with you, the CAE Juno clinical skills manikin offers a comprehensive training solution for your nursing fundamentals course and pre-clinical skills checklist. Available now!