CAE Lucina Bundle


One patient simulator. Two patients. One low price.

For a limited time, significant savings are being offered when you purchase CAE’s high-fidelity Lucina childbirth simulator! CAE is offering a package that includes Lucina, the non-gravid female patient module, the urgent obstetric situations learning module, installation, shipping and an upgraded premier warranty all included at one low price.


The Bundle – What’s included

  • CAE Lucina childbirth simulator
  • Lenovo instructor’s workstation
  • TouchPro emulated patient monitor
  • Non-gravid female patient abdomen to convert to female patient
  • 4 SCE development licenses
  • Upgrade to a one-year premier warranty
  • Installation and orientation by a CAE Healthcare technician
  • 10 preconfigured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) for Lucina
  • Urgent Obstetrical Situations Learning Module with 10 SCEs
  • Female Patient Learning Module with 5 SCEs
  • Shipping (within North America)

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About Lucina

With integrated models of mother-baby physiology, the CAE Lucina childbirth simulator delivers exceptional fidelity for the practice of normal deliveries, emergency scenarios, and post-partum care.

About CAE Healthcare Academy Learning Modules

CAE Learning Modules are developed by the CAE Healthcare Academy and validated by clinical educators. Each learning modules includes simulation scenarios with patient history, medical records, supply lists, resources, debriefing guides and more.

About CAE Service and Support

With a dedicated global customer service team, CAE Healthcare offers peer-to-peer support and responsive technical service when you need it for peace of mind support.