CAE Physiology Upgrade for CAE Ares Simulator

CAE Physiology Upgrade for CAE Ares Simulator

License to upgrade CAE Maestro Standalone with CAE Physiology option for CAE Ares simulator

Elevate your simulation with this CAE Physiology Upgrade to Maestro Standalone for your CAE Ares Simulator. This upgrade to Ares' Maestro Standalone license features CAE’s unique physiological model, which drives automatic, realistic patient behavior, augmenting the Maestro Standalone streamlined layout for instructor-driven simulation and helping the instructor create better simulations with less effort, so they can focus on the learners.

CAE Maestro is the latest generation of patient-simulation software with the best of its predecessors and valuable innovations. With a powerful and intuitive interface, Maestro is the most comprehensive and user-friendly application of its kind and lets you do more, easily. The result of lessons learned from two decades of technological leadership in healthcare education, CAE Maestro with Physiology puts simple control of complex experiences at your fingertips for effortless orchestration of your simulations.

The best patient simulators are Maestro simulators; developed with the latest software technologies, a Maestro simulator is future-proof and expandable. Each CAE Ares simulator comes with one CAE Maestro Standalone Manual Mode license. Enrich your simulation with the CAE Physiology upgrade for the optimal experience.


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