Waiting Is The Hardest Part: Get CAE Juno QuickStart Now

Waiting Is The Hardest Part: Get CAE Juno QuickStart Now

By Roxanne Blanford

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Don't wait to acquire the clinical skills manikin your learners need to develop critical thinking skills and essential core competencies.

CAE Juno QuickStart is available to help satisfy your clinical skills training requirements right now.

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Simulation Develops Critical Thinking Skills in Nurses

For more than fifty years, critical thinking has been deemed an essential discipline within the nursing profession. Critical thinkers tend to possess certain attributes that engender effective communication and problem-solving abilities.

In nursing, simulation training aids in the development of critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills while promoting effective communication, encouraging teamwork, and enabling clinicians to better analyze healthcare situations by integrating knowledge, experiences and logical reasoning with crucial behaviors that benefit patient care.

Critical thinking is a key component of nursing education, knowledge, and practice and is rooted in [a] nurse's knowledge, attitudes, skills, and experiences. Critical thinking employs logic, intuition, and creativity to evaluate the evidence of certain claims and to determine whether the findings have derived from evidence or not. It also considers alternative explanations... enables nurses to adopt creative and unique solutions under unforeseen circumstances to make rational decisions about what they believe or do... entails professional accountability and also quality nursing care.

(excerpted from Asian Nursing Research/Korean Society of Nursing Science June 2014)

Using a clinical skills manikin within patient simulation scenarios creates a bridge that joins theory with practice. Learners develop understanding, critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills. Knowledge and skills attained from the classroom, or sim lab, are readily applied in actual patient care scenarios.

CAE Juno QuickStart: The Perfect Clinical Skills Training Manikin Bundle

Juno, a modern nursing skills development manikin, gives learners the opportunity to practice nursing care protocols in a risk-free environment while gaining critical thinking attributes that enhance clinical competency. 

CAE Juno QuickStart is the perfect way to get all this, and more, in one complete package.

CAE Juno QuickStart is a value-added bundle that includes the Juno complete manikin, 10 evidence-based Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs), a basic wound care module, free shipping, expanded warranty, and other extras, with considerable savings for your training program.

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