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CAE Healthcare Learning Sessions

Join CAE in virtual learning labs and a sim showcase at IMSH 2021

We’ll share insights for incorporating hybrid learning and extended reality (XR) into your simulation programs as well as what's new with CAE Vimedix 3.1

3/10 at 2 PM EST - Session 2
XR – How can I use this in my program?

The integration and utilization of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality has become the next “big thing” in education. With limited research available and a drive to move towards a digital ecosystem, we often question if it is really that effective. In this session, we will discuss XR, highlight several use cases, and teach you all about what is possible in education by leveraging “XR.”


By the end of this session, the student will be able to:

  • Define XR.
  • Discuss use cases for XR in an education environment.
  • Discuss how to integrate XR in both new and previously developed programs.
Amar P. Patel, DHSc, MS, NRP, CHSE, FSSH
Chief Learning
Officer CAE Healthcare
8AM – 10AM EST
CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite for Intuitive, Virtual Training in Healthcare
Kick off Week 8 of IMSH 2021 with CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite. LearningSpace Enterprise Lite is our hassle-free, hardware-light, cloud-based Software as a Service application (SaaS) for end-to-end management of virtual simulation-based healthcare training and /OSCE programs. Sign up for a 60-day free trial and discover seamless workflow scheduling and reporting at your fingertips for just about any remote training environment.
12PM – 2PM EST
Discover CAE SimEquip for Immersive, Hands-on Medical Equipment Training
Come chat with us about how CAE SimEquip builds mastery in prehospital and in-hospital defibrillation, ventilation and anesthesia procedures by simulating the types of medical equipment commonly encountered in actual practice. SimEquip gives healthcare learners the realistic training needed to interpret patient data, configure and operate equipment and deliver patient care with confidence. Ask about cost-saving bundles!
Accelerate Ultrasound Learning in Remote Environments with CAE Vimedix 3.1
Did you know? CAE Vimedix is the most easy-to-use ultrasound simulator available? Did you also know that CAE Vimedix 3.1 is enhanced to improve the effectiveness of distance training through virtual lectures, immersive Microsoft HoloLens 2 technology and tailored curriculum? Find out more at our virtual table today.
8AM – 10AM EST
Discover Hybrid Learning with CAE SimEquip Medical Simulators
Begin Week 9 of IMSH 2021 by learning about CAE SimEquip. This portfolio of realistic medical simulators allows for hands-on training in configuring and operating medical equipment in both prehospital and in-hospital environments. Products include CAE SimEquip Anesthesia, CAE SimEquip Ventilator, CAE SimEquip Defibrillator, and CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator.
12PM – 2PM EST
Guided Discussion - CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite for Hardware-Free Virtual Training
Come learn about our product spotlight of the day, CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite. LearningSpace Enterprise Lite is our hassle-free virtual training platform for easier remote education in healthcare from just about any location. Sign up for a 60-day free trial and discover seamless workflow scheduling and reporting at your fingertips.
Virtual Table
Be among the first to explore additions to our family of advanced simulators, and new digital, hybrid and adaptive learning systems. Chat with a CAE representative at our virtual table and get the answers you need to enhance and invigorate clinical education.

Look for the CAE Logo in the IMSH 2021 Industry Hall