Don’t settle for yesterday’s nursing manikin

Nursing programs are challenged with preparing new nurses for today’s hospital environment and sicker patients, even as access to clinical hours has diminished. Simulation can help fill the gap by delivering consistent training and helping learners to develop critical thinking skills.  Introducing CAE Juno, CAE Healthcare’s clinical skills manikin and newest offering for nursing programs. Juno is a modern manikin that was designed to meet educational requirements for clinical nursing skills, from task training through advanced patient care scenarios.

NEW! MultiSim feature for CAE Maestro allows instructors to run synchronized simulations on multiple CAE Juno manikins. Increase your operational efficiency and download the free latest release of Maestro (v1.8) today!

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Product Features


10 pre-configured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) developed by clinical experts that come ready to operate, from skills validation to chronic heart failure exacerbation. An additional seven modules are available to provide consistent learning and allow easy integration of simulation into your nursing curricula


The look, feel and operation of a modern manikin for a more immersive learning experience


The Base model can be updated with tablet-based software and a Live Box that houses electronics for programmable vocal, cardiac, lung, bowel and Korotkoff sounds


Fully converts to a male with chest skin, genitalia and wig kit included, saving cost and space


Lightweight, fully wireless and tetherless, with uninterrupted simulation while you transport

CAE Juno: Head-to-toe overview

CAE Juno:  Unpacking and assembly

CAE Juno:  Install Live box upgrade

CAE Juno:  Preparing the IV system

CAE Juno:  Tracheostomy care

CAE Juno:  Urological system

CAE Juno:  Ostomy

CAE Juno:  Obtain carotid pulses

CAE Juno:  Nasogastric tube

CAE Juno:  Intramuscular (IM) injection

CAE Juno:  Enema

CAE Juno:  Change genitalia and chest skin

CAE Juno:  Attach blood pressure arm

CAE Juno and CAE Ares IV system basics

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Juno Learning Modules

All of CAE Healthcare's simulation curriculum and patient cases are developed in collaboration with leading educational institutions and clinical experts. Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) and patient cases are reviewed by healthcare educators to ensure they convey best practices and standards of care.

Powered by CAE Maestro

CAE Maestro is a user-friendly software interface that can be operated on the fly or with pre-programmed Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs). Maestro is intuitive, tablet-based, and allows facilitators to maneuver vital signs and patient states within seconds. Maestro also is designed for easy creation of user-developed Simulated Clinical Experiences and scenarios.

A modular manikin designed to fit your needs

Purchase Learning Modules and Accessories for Juno directly in our online shop (available in US & Canada only)



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