Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) & Advanced Life Support (ALS)

About this module

The ACLS Learning Module is designed for facilitating learning of the American Heart Association (AHA) algorithms related to emergency cardiac care. Based on the 2015 AHA Guidelines, the module includes an ACLS Critical Actions Checklist for use in evaluating team performance. This module contains 11 SCEs.

The Advanced Life Support (ALS) Learning Module is designed to assist healthcare providers in community and hospital settings to practice and rehearse caring for patients who require advanced resuscitation. Based on the European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for 2010 the 10 simulated clinical experiences (SCEs) will facilitate the learning of staff who are required to undertake this role as part of their professional practice.

Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs)

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  1

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  2

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  3

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  4

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  5

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  6

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  7

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  8

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  9

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  10

ACLS 2015 Mega Code  11

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