Surgical Simulation

Virtual Training Promotes Proficiency and Confidence

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Simulation has become an essential part of resident training for laporoscopic, endovascular, neurological and Ob/Gyn procedures. CAE Healthcare's interventional and surgical simulators provide immersive learning with augmented reality, realistic surgical tools and haptic feedback to simulate the "feel" of human tissue. Each simulator records hand movements and other performance metrics to deliver a comprehensive and objective assessment.

The augmented reality systems track learners' movements while providing accurate visual, audio and tactile force feedback responses. The user-friendly software platforms are easy to configure and save time for instructors. Our state-of-the-art simulators prepare learners for a range of laparoscopic, endoscopic, open cranial, cardiac and arthroscopic procedures.

Hyper-realistic training products for military and medical first responders

CAE Healthcare is the worldwide distributor for Strategic Operations Cut Suits and trauma training models. Developed by Hollywood special effects professionals and military veterans in collaboration with healthcare professionals, the hyper-realistic products are designed to prepare the military, law enforcement and clinicians for the acute stress and sensory challenges of responding to multi-casualty disasters.

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