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Prepare clinicians to handle the stress and challenges of traumatic injuries and mass casualty care

Surgical Cut Suits and Trauma Training Models

CAE Healthcare is the worldwide distributor for Strategic Operations (STOPS) Inc. medical products, including the Surgical Cut Suit, EMS/TCCC Cut Suit, 6-in-1 trainer and blast trousers for simulation-based education in traumatic events, from point-of-injury triage and treatment en route, to transition of care and surgical intervention. Hyper-realistic®, cut suits and task trainers simulate extreme physical trauma so medical and non-medical personnel may safely learn to manage severe patient trauma scenarios by mimicing the realistic look, feel, behaviors and smells of extreme medical events.

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Surgical Cut Suit

Partial task surgical simulator for practicing hemorrhage control, organ incisions suture techniques, laparotomy, abdominal exploration and more.


  • Skin and organs are user-repairable, allowing for multiple uses per unit
  • Interchangeable organs with variable wound patterns or pathologies (internal & external hemorrhaging)
  • User created and customizable woulds


An innovation in patient worn bleeding simulation, BPS is a hyper-realistic medical training system designed to simulate human arterial and venous hemorrhage in conjunction with simulated human injury products.


  • Self-contained and allows for 4 simultaneous bleeds controlled by a wireless fob with a 50-foot standoff
  • Each line can be controlled by the operator to simulate both venous and arterial bleeds

Emergency Medical Services/Tactical Combat Casualty Care (EMS/TCCC) Cut Suit

Realistically prepare medical teams to treat and manage the three primary causes of death on the battlefield at the point of injury, following emergency assessment and during subsequent treatment.


  • Allows medical providers to treat the three primary causes of death on the battlefield
  • Streamlined frame with minimal wearer profile increases hyper-realism of any training scenario

6-in-1 Trainer

Combining multiple task trainers within one unit, the 6-in-1 trainer eliminates the need for multiple products. Comprised of a hyper-realistic anatomically-similar male or female head and upper torso.


  • Skeleton utilizes user-repairable body skin, neck skins, tracheas, and user-replaceable intraosseous training pucks

additional features

  • Interchangeable organs with variable wound patterns or pathologies
  • Realistic training in internal & external hemorrhaging management
  • Clothing, uniform, body armor, and equipment is usable over the Cut Suit
  • Completely user-customizable and repairable
  • Cut Suits can be worn during intensely physical scenarios at the point of injury
  • Allows for interaction with a live patient during the emergency assessment and treatment process
  • 6-in-1 trainer provides practice in obstructed or surgical airways, catheter insertion and more

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Cut Suit is outstanding and super realistic. It’s one of the closest things I’ve ever felt to real human tissue.”

U.S. Navy Chief Corpsman

“It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in the medical department, this is good training for anyone.”

Brian Goforth
Captain, Federal Fire Department, San Diego, CA

This was by far some of the most realistic training I’ve encountered. The events where they had simulated gunfire and explosions, even though as an instructor I knew it was coming, but you still had your heart racing. All of it helped very well for students to perform under pressure.”

Roy Alson
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine


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