Now available for CAE Juno, CAE Ares, and CAE Apollo

Simply Powerful.

CAE Maestro is the latest generation of patient simulation software. Featuring the power of CAE Physiology for model-driven simulation and designed with a streamlined interface for instructor-driven scenarios, CAE Maestro is the most comprehensive and user-friendly application of its kind.

The result of lessons learned from two decades of technological leadership in healthcare education, CAE Maestro puts simple control of complex experiences at your fingertips for effortless orchestration of your simulations. CAE Maestro is flexible enough to run on either a tablet or personal computer and has numerous innovations to help you achieve your learning objectives.

Every patient encounter is a symphony of signs and symptoms that tell a story. Conduct your own masterpiece with CAE Maestro.

Converting Your Simulator to CAE Maestro

This document highlights the differences between CAE Maestro and its predecessors (Müse and Vïvo), and answers frequently asked questions about converting to CAE Maestro

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